Thursday, August 2, 2012

16 Watt Audio Amplifier with LM383

Here the 16 watt power audio amplifier circuit powered by dual IC LM383. The single LM383 will amplify the input about 7-8 watt, dual IC should be gain up to 16 watt. You can use wide voltage range 5V - 20V to supply the power IC.

  Schematic Diagram:

List of Components:

U1, U2____________ LM383 power IC

R1, R3____________ 220 Ohm resistor

R2, R4____________ 2.2 Ohm resistor

R5________________ 1 MegaOhm resistor

R6________________ 100k potentiometer

C1, C7____________ 10uf electrolytic capacitor

C2, C5____________ 470uf electrolytic capacitor

C3, C4, C6________ 0.2uf ceramic capacitor

SPKR1_____________ 4 to 8 ohm speaker (up to 8 inches diameter)


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